MINI Electric Concept

The new season of international auto shows kicks off in Frankfurt next week. While big industry car shows are often more about sending a message than revealing actual production plans, the Frankfurt event looks promising for EV fans. There will be a few unveilings of refreshed electric car models offering new designs and features—as well as pre-production vehicles showing progress toward market introduction in the next couple of years. And of course, we can expect a few helpings of eye-candy in the form of way-out fantastical electric concepts with advanced autonomous features.
One of the most anticipated EVs expected soon is an all-electric MINI, set to go on sale in 2019. BMW last week got a head start on the Frankfurt competition when it revealed images of its MINI Electric Concept. It’s too early for technical details—most notably the MINI’s driving range. What will be put on display in Frankfurt is more of a design study to build excitement.
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