2017 Chrysler Pacific Plug-in Hybrid

Chrysler issued a voluntary recall this week of its 2017 Pacifica Plug-in Hybrid, the industry’s first minivan available as a conventional and plug-in hybrid. Sales of the model began in April of this year. Just three months later, the company received reports from customers about a loss of propulsion. The problem could increase the risk of an accident, although no incidents or injuries have been reported.
Owners can call 800-853-1403 for further details—or visit www.safercar.gov where they can check their vehicle identification number to learn more.
The Pacifica uses a 16 kilowatt-hour battery pack to provide 33 miles of all-electric range. The combined electric-plus-gas range is 570 miles. Its overall efficiency—84 miles-per-gallon-equivalent, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency—is a huge improvement over modern gas-only minivans, whose combined EPA ratings peak in the low-20-mpg range.
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